Our History

Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church was started by a small group of believers with a vision and a prayer. With faith as their only asset, the first organizational meeting took place in the sanctuary of the former First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park, 8219 Bunche Drive, Dallas, Texas on October 30, 1986 at 7:48pm. This edifice would serve as the church home of the Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church through lease arrangements with the Pastor and congregation of the First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park.

Present at this meeting were David Wilson, Vernita Wilson, Jeanette McCrary, and Jesse Finney. David Wilson presented a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, the original of which had been submitted to the State of Texas. David Wilson, Vernita Wilson, and Warren Lee were listed as directors of incorporation. Officers selected were David Wilson, Pastor; Vernita Wilson and Jeanette McCrary, Trustees and Jesse Finney, Secretary/Treasurer. The first worship service of this new congregation was observed November 2, 1986 at 10:45am; Sunday School at 9:45 am. Services would be held each Sunday thereafter.

Through the grace and favor of a bountiful and mighty God we were granted the divine approval to purchase and renovate the facility at 8350 Forest Lane. On our Annual Youth Day, July 14, 1996, we traveled by caravan and held our first praise and worship service in our new sanctuary. Since its inception, Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church has been responsible for winning numerous souls for Christ. Additionally, Greater Cornerstone has become an integral part of the Hamilton Park and Stults communities and an established vessel amongst Baptist churches in the Metroplex.

Much prayer and faith in God has taken our ministry to an even greater level. All adjoining land was purchased to give a total 7 1/2 acres. Our new facility, finished in August 2002, is now being manifested in what was once perceived as flood land.