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Audio/Video/Web Ministry

The Audio/Video/Web Ministry enhances the worship experience by setting the mood with excellent sound, visuals, and lighting. We also use the tools of the internet to connect with billions of users 24/7.

Leaders: Felicia McClinton, Dale Harrill, James Smith, Sr.

Church School

Church School is the entire church at study. It provides a comprhensive age-based curriculum; a detailed study of the word of God through bible study, projects, participation, group activities, and life application.

Leader: Debra Lockhart
When: Sundays @ 9 a.m.
Age Levels: Preschool: 2-5
                     Primary: 6-8
                     Junior I: 9-10
                     Junio II: 11-12
                     Teen I: 13-15
                     Teen II: 16-18
                     Adult: 19+

Mass Ushers        MORE INFO

Mass Ushers strives to meet the needs of members, friends, and visitors. We assist in helping set the tone for leading God's people into readiness for learning, worshipping and evangelism.

Leaders: Sam Long, Jessie Norbert

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry presents the message of the Lord in song. It's responsible for bringing prople into the spirit of praise and worhsip through music. The Mass Choir is expected to serve at all services unless otherwise indicated.

Leaders: Vernita Wilson - Minister of Music
                Cheryl Barrett - President
                Rev. Ronnie Bates - Vice President
                Martha Burks - Director
                Robin Ollison - Asst. Director
Practice: Thursdays @ 7 p.m.

Nurses Guild        MORE INFO

The Nurses Guild renders aide to the sick or injured during church service and church activities. We are not licensed to authorize or administer medication, but we are equipped to make all people we care for feel comfortable.

Leader: Judy LeBlanc - President

Reception Ministry

Reception celebrates God's grace and mercy for the years of growth, prosperity, and leadership. It takes the church anniversary reception to another level each year in Christ.

Leader: Shirley Anthony

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is designed to enhance the educational sector of ministry in a more exciting and exhilarating setting. Classes for all age groups are offered and taught with new and innovative methods.

Leader: Debra Lockhart
When: 1 full week each summer

Worship Services
Sunday 7:30 am  Early Morning Worship
Sunday 10:30 am  Worship Service
List of worship services
Come and join us!   214-349-7701
8350 Forest Lane Dallas, Texas 75243
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