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Brotherhood provides the opportunity for the men of the church to assemble together. The purpose being to deepen the spirituality in men, to promote religious intelligence, and to lead the lost to Christ.

Leaders: Curtis Wade, Tracy Mathis
When: Mondays @ 7 p.m.

Business Federation

The Business Federation works to support professional, executive and other levels of business.

Leaders: Marilyn Harrison, Cheryl Barrett, Ozella Hailey

Women's Christian Fellowship

Women's Christian Fellowship unites all women of the church into a missionary program that will stimulate spiritual growth, witnessing, and working in the church, home and community. We break down the word of God to bring new insight and understanding through lessons and fellowship that will empower women and young ladies to be strong future leaders.

Leader: Carla Merritt
When: Mondays @ 7 p.m.

Wise Guys

Wise Guys brings seniors together to fellowship and communicate with their peers in various areas relative to their needs through prayer, bible study, crafts/activities, and informational sessions.

Leader: Dorris Holleman
Who: Ages 55 and up
When: 2nd Thursday of every month

Worship Services
Sunday 7:30 am  Early Morning Worship
Sunday 10:30 am  Worship Service
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Come and join us!   214-349-7701
8350 Forest Lane Dallas, Texas 75243
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