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About Pastor Wilson

Pastor Wilson founded this church with a vision under God. He Has been given the task of leading God's people into a personal, discipline relationship with Jesus Christ...

Our Core Values

Bring individuals into a disciplined personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Leading people in victorious living through the presence of the living God...

What We Believe

God is three in one; He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit...

Our History

Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church was started by a small group of believers with a vision and a prayer...

Location and Service Times

Ready to join us for a phenomenal worship experience? We've got your map, turn-by-turn instructions, and service times...

Our Church Song

Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church
Where understanding wins favor
Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church
We're always praising our Saviour...

Worship Services
Sunday 7:30 am  Early Morning Worship
Sunday 10:30 am  Worship Service
List of worship services
Come and join us!   214-349-7701
8350 Forest Lane Dallas, Texas 75243
Map to Greater Cornerstone BC
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