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Our Purpose

Bring individuals into a disciplined personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Leading people in victorious living though the presence of the living God.

Our Motto

Good understanding wins favor!

Our Covenant

I commit myself to God and other members of this church by:

1. Protecting the unity of this church through:
     - Acting in love toward other members
     - Refusing to gossip
     - Following the leader of this church

2. Sharing the responsibility of this church through:
     - Praying for it's growth
     - Inviting the un-churched to attend
     - Warmly welcoming those who visit

3. Serving the ministry of this church through:
     - Discovering my gifts and talents
     - Being equipped to serve my pastor
     - Developing a servant's heart

4. Supporting the testimony of this church through:
     - Attending faithfully
     - Living a Godly life
     - Giving regularly to the glory of God

Worship Services
Sunday 7:30 am  Early Morning Worship
Sunday 10:30 am  Worship Service
List of worship services
Come and join us!   214-349-7701
8350 Forest Lane Dallas, Texas 75243
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